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2021 Top Ten Resource Downloads

It’s hard to believe that we have wrapped up another teaching year! πŸŽ‰ And boy, wasn’t 2021 a DOOZY!


The end of each year is always a great time for reflection – celebrating what has been achieved, lessons learnt, growth and where to next. Here at TT Headquarters, we also like to reflect on you, our wonderful TT Team πŸ’› Part of that reflection involves looking at which of our resources you guys loved the most so we can make more of those in 2022!


Read on to find out the top ten most downloaded resources in 2021. Did your faves make the list?




There is no denying a common theme across many of our Top 10 – you guys just LOVE our digital resources πŸ’› And so do we! Our Literacy Warm-ups are available in Kindergarten – Grade 3 and include over 200 slides in each, perfect for introducing, practising or reinforcing a huge range of Literacy skills.




Look, we know your fingers are still aching from the hours spent on the computer churning out your end of year reports – so apologies for even mentioning the ‘r’ word! We aren’t surprised at all though that our Report Comment Resource has made the Top 10. Our goal here at TT is to make your workload easier – and this group of resources definitely does that! βœ…


Featuring hundreds of meaningful, future-focused, curriculum-aligned statements ready to cut and paste. #winning 🀩




Ahhhh, rainbows 🌈 You must know by now that here at TT we love ALL. THE. COLOURS! It’s what makes Top Teacher, Top Teacher! Our Rainbow Decor pack has always been a firm favourite, and this Wow Work display has been downloaded so many times!

Did you know that we now have Wow Work displays for all our decor themes?




We got so much love for our range of Mental Maths resources this year, and we can see why! πŸ™ŒπŸ» The PowerPoints contain 100 lessons, each with 5 questions (500 mental math questions in total!), and the resource includes printable recording sheets matched to each and every question ✏️

Available in Foundation – Grade 3, these PowerPoints are a great way to start a lesson, end a lesson or just fill in some time with meaningful curriculum-aligned content!




And the digital love continues! At number 6 on our Top 10 list are our Maths Warm-Up slides! Similar to the Literacy slides mentioned above, these PowerPoints have 200+ quick and easy numeracy focused slides ready to get those young minds active and kickstart learning. Available for Kindergarten-Grade 3.




A little while back we asked our incredible πŸ’› Top Teacher Team πŸ’› for your Science of Reading resource wishlist. Without a doubt, the Sound Wall was the most requested resource by far! We are blown away with how much you guys have loved our Sound Wall resources, and even though it was only released in December, it jumped straight to Number 5 on our Top 10 downloads for the entire year! ​These resources are SUPER comprehensive (70+ pages of classroom display goodness) and are available in all our decor themes!



Another Digital resource πŸ’» Spelling rules can be tricky for kids to learn – and a tricky concept to teach! This PowerPoint aims to take off some of that pressure. The slides will guide your students through a range of spelling rules and give them plenty of opportunities to practice using the rules. The beauty of PowerPoint resources is that you can delete slides that aren’t relevant to your learners. Pick and choose the ‘Spelling Rules’ relevant to your year level and off you go! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»




Digital πŸ’» Colour 🎨 Rainbow 🌈

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Our Good Morning Slides are wonderful to have on display in the morning as students walk in, outlining what the day entails. They are also available in all our decor themes πŸ™ŒπŸ»




Oh Christmas Craft, Oh Christmas Craft πŸ’›

We love Christmas time in the classroom and as it turns out – so do you! This resource was another late addition to the webby this year but in a few short weeks it jumped all the way to our second most downloaded resource for 2021. We are so excited that we were able to sprinkle a little Christmas joy into your classrooms πŸŽ„




And here it is! Our NUMBER ONE most downloaded resource for 2021. You guys just LOVE our printable alphabet workbook πŸ’› With a letter per page and 2 options to choose from, students will work on letter formation and beginning sound activities whilst strengthening their fine motor skills. Keep your eyes on our ‘What’s New’ page over the next few weeks as our Handwriting Resources are getting a major boost on the webby! πŸ™ŒπŸ»


Thank you for support this year Top Teacher Team πŸ’› We LOVE making resources to add a little sparkle to your classrooms and can’t wait to show you all we have planned for 2022 😍


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