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Because if you ask us?
Every Teacher Is A Superhero.

Our Vision

Created by teachers, for teachers. Bridget & Shez are former primary school teachers who understood the need for reliable, exciting, and best practise resources and learning tools – all in one easy place.

So, they made it themselves.

The vision was simple, to create an online hub of teaching tools so that you could have more time to work your magic as the teacher.

Our Mission

The real magic of teaching comes through connection: it’s those special moments in the classroom that matter to kids the most. By doing the heavy lifting with every single resource, tool and game, we give teachers more time to focus on their students.
Our curriculum-aligned and purposeful resources, we take the pressure off teachers to do anything but teach. With Top Teacher, we promise you peace of mind. We’ll do the research, and you make the magic.

Top Teacher Values


Every single resource that Top Teacher publishes has been created by teachers. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum, our resources are designed to give teachers peace of mind.


We want to make a positive impact on education and learning as a whole, in a thoughtful and human way. We know that a happy teacher equals a happy classroom – so our mission is to support you in every way we can.


We have one foot in today, and one in tomorrow. We’re redefining how the modern classroom looks with the support of emerging technology to better the teaching and learning experience.


We’re easily adopted into your current curriculum. At every touchpoint, we’re committed to a streamlined and simplified experience – without the compromise of quality. You’ll have everything you need, in one place.


We’re committed to elevating what best practise look like in the modern classroom. Our e-library takes a holistic approach featuring a wide range of quality resources to empower and excite your students at every learning opportunity.


As a teacher, we know that everything from student numbers to lesson  plans can change at any time. With a range of membership options and thousands of resources,  tools, activities, and games, we’re here to make last-minute changes as stress-free as possible.

Our framework?

Brings together a heart and head approach to create curriculum-aligned classroom wonders to crank up the joy.

Want to know more about the brains behind the brand?

What our teachers say

-- Kate
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Top Teacher is an amazing platform. It allows you to save time as the resources are all in one place and it's super easy to use; from classroom decor, teacher assessment and lesson resources.
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I'm a primary school teacher and was put onto TT by my colleagues. It's fantastic and time saving, and I love it even more now there is more digital and year level options.
-- Melanie
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I would say that Top Teacher offers amazing resources for educational purposes. Professional people are behind this brand and they are actual teachers who understand and empathise with their fellow colleagues an facilitate resources well made. The design of the website is very friendly and easy to navigate. Customer service is 100 points (talking for experience) and they will answer in less than 24 hours offering you alternatives and suggestions.
-- Charlene
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I love top teacher and I have been using it every day since I started my career as a grad teacher in March. It gave me inspiration for lesson plans and it has amazing resources that aligns with the curriculum. It's engaging, handy and fun!