About Us

Because if you ask us?
Every teacher is a superhero

Every single teaching resource, tool, and game that lands on the shelves of our e-library has been crafted with care, purpose, and a focus on the little details that go above and beyond on-paper results to create long-lasting joyful education experiences.

So, what’s our framework for creating resources that empower cape-wearing educators to deliver lessons that engage, excite, and motivate?

The Top Teacher Framework


At the heart of what we do, is a passion to empower our education community to take on the big job of shaping young minds. It’s your suggestions, your ideas, that guide each and every single one of our resources. Before we give the green light to any of our teaching tools, we ask the question “How will this help our community?”


Real learning and growth? Happens when you get in and give it a go. It’s making mistakes. Playing. Discovering. And enjoying the moment. We believe in the value of kinetic learning, and weave this belief into everything we do here at Top Teacher. It’s also a whole lot more fun to get your hands dirty, right?


We always push the boundaries of our imagination (and encourage you to, too). But we also see the immeasurable value in helping our little ones on their education journey through creating resources that offer a familiar f framework. Less time head-scratching and more confidence boosts from walking a familiar path? Translates to lessons that feel comfy for every learner.


Beyond the rubric. Beyond just on-paper results. Each and every single one of our resources is designed to have young minds working away long after the final bell rings. Because of truly impactful lessons? Travel with our little ones after they’ve left the school gates.


We don’t believe in boring. Through colour-pop designs, out-of-the-box patterns, and our signature injection of uplift, we energise and excite teachers, students, parents, and everyone who steps into our classrooms


We meet students where they are ready to learn. Through resources that span just about every topic imaginable, customisation options, and an open-ended answer approach, our teaching tools fit students, no matter where they are on their education journey.


From line size, to font readability, to deciding which year level it’s most suited to, to planning the student group size, we dive into every resource and brainstorm not just what it is, but how it will be used.

Our Top Teacher Framework? Brings together a heart and head approach to create curriculum-aligned classroom wonders to crank up the joy.
Want to know more about the brains behind the brand? Read about Bridget and Shez.

What our teachers say...

“Top Teacher is THE best website for resources/activities to assist with your planning and to enhance the learning of your class (and yourself) Top Teacher saves so much time and stress and can always be relied upon to offer high quality and dynamic resources.”

Tasha Howard,

“Well presented, useful and age-appropriate resource materials covering all areas of learning. Highly recommend and will continue to subscribe. Thank you Top Teacher!”

Erika Marchesi-Nemeth,

“Great resources. User-friendly, attractive and purposeful.”

Rachel Morris,