Hi we're Bridget & Shez

Hi we're Bridget & Shez


Teachers turned Top Teacher Founders

Best Friends

70% caffeine

Top Teachers

The two of us? We go together like peas and carrots. Butter and Vegemite. Coffee and another coffee.

Today, we’re the education community’s number one cheerleading duo, masters of the juggling act, and the brains behind the Top Teacher brand.

“But Bridget and Shez, how did you get here?”

Well, it all started in a little town in Newman, in 2008.
In a happy twist of serendipity, the two of us landed in next-door-neighbouring classrooms, both teaching grade 1.

Back then, getting your hands on brilliant teaching resources was more difficult than finding a smooth-sliding whiteboard marker that went the distance.

So together, we started making our own resources, games, and activities for our classes. We’d spend weekends planning our lessons, putting pen to paper for all our wild ideas, and becoming the other’s work wife.

In each other, we found someone who shared our belief in not only the power of education, but the role of play-based learning in shaping young minds to become engaged. Curious. Caring. And confident.

The two of us know that early education isn’t just about the A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s. It’s about getting your hands dirty. Experiencing the world from the centre of the action, not just the sidelines. And helping little ones to understand their infinite value as students and individuals.

And 7 years later? The Top Teacher vision is in vibrant, high-definition colour. We’re on a mission to create classroom resources that support our education community, empower our little ones, and set us all up for an inspired future.

Why do we do what we do?

Because we understand the role teachers play in inspiring young minds. And we want to support you in this journey.


When we started at Newman, we were parents to Stella and Darla (the Westie and Chihuahua).

Today, Bridget is doing life with her husband Stephen and 3 little ones Keegan, Jude, and Darcy.
And Shez? Is raising her 3 little boys, Ryder, Nash, and Lincoln, with her partner Ryan.

Even though we thought it couldn’t get any more intense, becoming mamas to 3 boys each has snowballed our passion for our work. Watching our little ones grow, explore, and get curious about the world around them has only cemented what we already knew:
that education today, creates the world we live in, tomorrow.

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