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Top Tips to Survive Reporting Season

There is no denying that the process of compiling and writing report comments is time-consuming and overwhelming for most of us 🤯 Our days seem controlled by grading, assessment, and

Fun with Phonics!

I’ve always felt lucky as an Early Years teacher. We get to be part of such mind-blowing growth in that first school year! Students generally come to us with limited

Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

It’s almost time to celebrate Mother’s Day, and we all know how much recognition Mums deserve! Children love preparing for this event, whether it is celebrating their Mother, Mothers, Grandmothers

Using Technology in the Classroom

Flashback to when I was in primary school…we had ONE desktop computer for a class of 30 students to use! 🤯   Back then, it was only used for word

We have been so incredibly lucky to get to work with the amazingly talented Ryhia from Nardurna for our latest classroom decor pack, ‘Juguli’, which launches this Sunday!   We thought

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