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Book Week 2023: Fresh Ideas & Fresh Resources

Book Week 2023 is almost here, brought to us by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. It’s time to dive into the magical world of books and celebrate the power of reading. So, prepare to “Read, Grow & Inspire” with your students as we embark on this incredible literary journey together! 💛




The theme for Book Week 2023, “Read, Grow, Inspire,” is about nurturing the love for reading in young minds, fostering personal growth through the written word, and inspiring creativity, empathy, and curiosity. It’s a wonderful opportunity for teachers to weave this theme into their classrooms and make reading an unforgettable experience for their students 🙌🏼


In conjunction with Book Week, CBCA has released its shortlist for the Children’s Book of the Year Award 2023. We’ve created a collection of resources supporting studies of two of our favourite nominees; Runt by Craig Silvey and Snap! by Anna Walker. These downloads are perfect for pairing with a whole class or independent reading and include worksheets, templates, craftivities and more!


Want more? Here’s some of our favourite ideas for celebrating Book Week in 2023 and beyond ⭐️




Now, how do we get our little bookworms excited about reading? Well, the key is to make it enjoyable and rewarding! Here are some cool ideas to incorporate the joy of reading into your classroom:


💛 Book Nook Corner: Create a cozy reading nook in your classroom filled with diverse age-appropriate books. Let your kids choose their books and allow them to read at their own pace. You can use our Book Week 2023 Bunting for some easy, no-prep décor!


💛 Reading Challenges: Set up fun reading challenges to encourage your students to read a variety of different texts. Why not use our Reading Olympics resource to help set achievable goals and celebrate successes?


💛 Book Reviews: Encourage students to share their thoughts on the books they’ve read. You can create a Book Review Wall using our Book Week 2023 Book Review Worksheets where they can post their reviews. Or try using our FREEBIE Favourite Book Display to get your kids talking and sharing their favourite texts!


💛 Guest Readers: Invite parents, grandparents, or community members to be guest readers in your class. This adds variety and excitement to the reading experience. Students can create awards for visiting readers using our super cute Book Week 2023 Ribbon Crafitivity as a memento of the experience.




Let’s not stick to just one type of book! Expand the horizons and expose your students to various genres and content. Here’s how:


💛 Genre Exploration: Introduce different genres like fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Organise mini-discussions or debates about which genre students enjoyed the most. Check out our The Librarian’s Review Display PACKAGE which includes templates for exploring and reviewing all sorts of different genres!


💛 Diverse Perspectives: Choose books that reflect diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. It’s essential for students to see themselves and others in the stories they read. We’ve recently dropped supporting resources for an assortment of incredible First Nations Australian storybooks on the webby, including Ceremony by Adam Goodes and The Heartbeat of the Land by Cathy Freeman.


💛 Book Tasting: Organize a book-tasting event in the classroom or even at a whole school level. This way, kids can exchange books they’ve already read, share their favourites and discover brand-new ones. Our Book Tasting Event: Genre Study is the perfect starting point, containing all the resources, instructions and displays you’ll need to get started.




Learning doesn’t stop at school! We want to involve parents and families in nurturing a love for reading outside the classroom 🙌🏼 Here are some ideas:


💛 Reading Challenge at Home: Encourage parents and families to set aside a specific reading time at home. Provide them with a list of recommended books suitable for different age groups, or use classroom texts. We’ve got logs, trackers and certificates on the webby you can use to make the process super simple!


💛 Book-Themed Play Areas: Set up our Library Play Pack as a home corner in your classroom. Encourage parents and families to enjoy the area in the morning before school with their little ones, exploring the space and discovering new books. Use this as a starting point to motivate your families to explore your school and local city libraries!



Book Week 2023 will be an amazing opportunity to immerse our students in the magic of reading, growth, and inspiration. Let’s embrace the theme of “Read, Grow, Inspire” and create an unforgettable reading experience for our young learners in the classroom and beyond!


Happy reading, and have a super Book Week 2023! 📚🌟

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