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Explore Our New Science of Reading Resource Collection

Here at TT, we are absolutely OBSESSED with everything that the Science of Reading can bring to your pedagogy and all the amazing ways it can improve student outcomes. Want

Teaching the Science of Reading: Best Practice & Best Resources

In recent years, teachers worldwide have been increasingly turning to the Science of Reading as a guiding framework for literacy instruction. But what exactly is the Science of Reading, and

Classroom Chat: Phonics with @teachwithaisha

Our Sound Walls have been super popular since their release last year, and we have absolutely loved seeing how our members are using the resource in ways to suit their

CVC Words: The Start of Something Magical!

It’s all about CVC words this week on the webby!  Over the next 7 days, we will be adding the most incredible package of CVC resources for you to use

Heart Words: A Science-Based Approach to Learning Sight Words

For many years now, I have set up my sight word program with pre-determined lists of words (based on when they appear in our benchmark readers) and encouraged students to

Fun with Phonics!

I’ve always felt lucky as an Early Years teacher. We get to be part of such mind-blowing growth in that first school year! Students generally come to us with limited

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