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Celebrating 100 Days of School!

Celebrating 100 days of school is absolutely one of my favourite days of the year. Not only does it mark 100 fantastic days of learning – but it also means:



In the words of Bon Jovi – “We’re halfway there” 🎸 I have scoured Instagram for inspiration to bring you a blog full of ideas ready for this celebration sometime in the next 2 weeks!



I felt it timely to start with @groovy_miss_heenan who, like many last year, and possibly like many this year, celebrated 100 days with her class virtually. She held a 100 Days of School Disco with her class via Zoom – be sure to check out her Instagram posts from last year to see videos of it in action. What a great idea!


If you find yourself looking for other virtual ways to celebrate this year, you could also use the images from our 100 Days Fitness Trail resource via Zoom as a fun virtual challenge.




Aside from the terrifying thought of ‘will I really look like this one day?’, dressing up is another great way to celebrate 100 days. This could also be done via Zoom! Our 100 Days Activity Pack has some great no-prep printables where students can write about what they would look like at 100 years old. In the past I have used an app called ‘Aging Booth’ to take photos of students – it definitely guarantees a good laugh!



Another fun way to celebrate 100 days is to represent the number 100 in as many ways as possible! I love these bright and colourful shirts from @hey_mrscarter. Our ‘What Does 100 Look Like?’ display resource is another great way to show 100!



I don’t know about you – but I love any old chance to decorate the classroom! I love seeing the looks on students faces as they come in the next morning… it really adds to the excitement for the fun day ahead. The balloon arches from Kmart were certainly a popular choice last year – and their party range just keeps getting bigger and better! We have created a range of printable banners that would also look fantastic as part of our 100 Days decor.



So you are dressed as a 100 year old and the classroom is decked out – now what? There are so many wonderful ideas of what you can do with your students throughout the 100 days of school celebration. Set your students a range of challenges that are related to 100 days. Our ‘STEM’, and ‘100 Seconds to Win It‘ challenge cards are perfect for just this! Our website also has a range of easy printable activities that are ready to help you celebrate the day.



Last but not least, a true celebration needs some special treats! Why not plan for a true class party like @teachwithaisha? Maybe cute cupcakes? Or a super cute take home gift like those you can create with our smarties, glow stick or bubbles gift tags?


Not wanting to purchase anything? Our wrist bands crowns, necklaces and certificates are also a fun keepsake.  However you choose to celebrate 100 days, whether you are in class or online – we hope you and your class have a magical day 💛


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