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Contraction Surgery


The words ‘Contractions’ and ‘Fun’ aren’t often found in the same sentence πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ In fact, teaching young children all things ‘grammar’ probably won’t appeal to many at all! It doesn’t have to be that way though.


Here at Top Teacher, we love to crank up the joy in everything we create for you. We also know hands down that hands-on learning is the best way for our learners to grasp and master new concepts πŸ™ŒπŸ»



That is why we added this super fun ‘Contraction Surgery’ resource to the webby! Just print and go – or go all out and turn your students into word surgeons as they learn about breaking apart words and forming contractions.



You can either use the ‘print and go’ booklet option with 10 different common contractions already chosen, or create your own using the editable pages.



We know teachers are time-poor, so this resource can really be as simple as printing the booklets and completing the task.


We also know that sometimes teachers like to be a little bit ‘extra’ – and we are TOTALLY all over that here at Top Teacher! 😜


Why not add surgical masks (or just continue to wear them 😣), gloves, real bandaids  and any other doctor or surgical props you can get your hands on? Build the excitement a few days before by explaining to students that they are going to be real word surgeons!


Assemble the printable ‘Medical Bag’ to add all the bits and pieces students will need, don the masks and gloves and away they go!


We have also created a great follow up game that would be perfect to use during reading groups or to leave out as a centre whilst learning about contractions. In this resource students read word combinations from a printable patient list, then locate the word parts on the broken bones, joining them with a bandaid to make a contraction.



Do you have any other ideas for sprinkling joy into lessons that could otherwise be a tad meh?Β 

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