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Engage your students with 1000+ curriculum aligned, interactive games from our  Digi-Game Zone. Created by experts with stunning visuals, our Digi-Games tick all the boxes: collaborative, competitive, strategic, and more.

Each game is paired to a unique QR code to seamlessly connect with student’s devices for individual gaming, or connected via the teacher’s screen for a collaborative experience.

With easy-search options and tags for year level, location, or learning area, Top Teacher is taking classroom games to a whole new level. Let the games begin!


Let’s Steal

You’ve reached the tomb, and it’s time to get the treasure! Do you play it safe and take the small pieces of treasure, or risk it all to get the big score?

Let’s Defend

Work together to build and protect a town that is under attack by giant robots. Choose to upgrade the homes within the town and grow the population, strengthen the town walls or actively attack the robots.

Let’s Race

Race around the track in this fast-paced game. Watch as your car zooms along the race track with every question answered correctly. Who will end up on the winners podium?

Let’s Farm

Complete different tasks at the farm with every correct answer. From planting seeds to growing and collecting fruit, fixing tractors and mending fences. A farmers work is never done!

Let’s Explore

Explore outer space and collect different space objects to earn space badges as you warp between galaxies with every correct answer.

Let’s Build

Visit the robot factory where you will mix and match a variety of body parts to build a robot. 

Let’s Roll

Roll the dice and move around the gameboard which features mini worlds taken from the other digi-games. The more correct answers you get, the more opportunities there are to earn points. Game on!

Let’s Hike

Students correctly answer questions to make it to the top of the mountain. As they progress higher up the mountain the mountain and it’s view/scenery change. At the end a polaroid is taken of how far they made it up the mountain with a score.

Let’s Quiz

Answer questions and compete in a quiz show style game. There are rounds of one point, double points and triple points. Winner is the person with the most points at the end of the game. See what prize you win!

Let’s Sail

Answer questions correctly collect treasure from the bottom of the ocean floor. Each piece of treasure is worth different amounts of points. The winner is the person with the most points.

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-- AmyNot only do my students ABSOLUTELY love playing these games, but I know they are getting curriculum content at the same time.
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Being able to provide something engaging for my students in whole group settings and individually means I use these games constantly throughout my entire week. My students are always asking to play the games especially The Defenders game.
-- BethI am absolutely thrilled to share my experience with the incredible games in the Digi-Game Zone, which have undeniably transformed the way my students engage with learning.
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As a teacher, I have always been on the lookout for innovative and effective teaching tools, and these online games have exceeded all my expectations. The games have been a winner in my class
-- CarlyThis extensive variety of topics available means that my students with different abilities and diverse interests can find games that align perfectly with their learning needs.
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I can have different groups come up and scan the QR code for them all to be able to play on their own individual device which makes small group work so easy!
-- BrookeThese games are amazing!
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The interactive nature of these games not only captures my students' attention but also keeps them motivated and excited about learning. Subjects like Maths that some students were once hesitant about have are now met with a new enthusiasm thanks to these awesome games.