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A Digi-Tool launchpad for your day.


Discover our easy to use dashboard of interactive Digi‑Tools. We have carefully curated a toolbox of purposeful and educational Digi‑Tools to use throughout your entire day.


Word Builder

The ultimate research based phonics teaching tool. Students experiment with making and reading words using the most common letter sound patterns.

Create a visual timetable to display throughout your day. Customise daily schedules and save for recurring use.

Wellbeing Check In

Students drag-and-drop their name into  one of the four mood icons for an interactive ‘well-being check in’. Stay connected with how your students are feeling daily. 

Noise Monitor
Set and monitor the noise level in your classroom with our interactive noise monitor. Customisable noise range to suit the learning activity and classroom environment

Use the calendar tool as a part of your daily routine. Choose from a variety of calendar and date layouts to display throughout the day.

Number Line
A virtual number line to explore counting, addition, subtraction and fractions interactively.

Colourful blocks representing, ones, tens, hundreds and thousands for interactive learning of place value.

Place Value Mat
An interactive tool to teach place value. Break numbers down into their place value on our interactive mat from millions and down to thousandths.

A customisable spinner that allows you to input a list of words. Has a spin button that animates the spinner and lands on a random option, then highlights it.

Enter a list of words and then click the shuffle button to display a new option. Use it for random name generation, spelling words, maths equations and much more.

Choose from a range of 6-20 sided dice. Select how many sides are on each dice and how many dice to roll.

Drag the hour, minute and seconds hands of this clock. Great for teaching how to read analogue and digital time.

Hundreds Chart
Colour in numbers and count in multiples. You can colour a number black to hide it for a guessing game.

Embed external content like videos and presentations into your classroom activities with ease.

Free Text
Display and customise text to provide instructions, information, or announcements within your classroom.

Set a visual timer that counts down and plays a sound when the time elapses.

Start a timer that counts up as time passes.


At Top Teacher, we’re constantly thinking about how to support teachers in the now. 

We are Australia’s first company to offer a complete digital pass. From Digi-Tools to Digi-Games and an e-library full of curriculum aligned resources. We have collated every tool you might need in the classroom in one easy online hub.

Our Digi-Tools can be used together or own their own to create dynamic learning opportunities. The tools include a word builder, schedule, wellbeing check in, noise monitor, calendar, number line, MAB, place value mat, spinner, flashcards, dice, clock, hundreds chart, free text and more!

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-- LauraIt has truly transformed the way I teach, and I cannot imagine my classroom without it.
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I use these slides throughout my whole day and love having them set up and being organised for the whole week. It is so quick and easy!
-- GeorgiaThe Digi-Tool Dashboard will become your new best friend.
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I use these tools individually or to help enhance my printable Top Teacher resources. You can also use multiple tools at once to really bring together an amazing and engaging lesson.
-- KerryThe Well-Being Check-in tool is my favourite and has helped foster a positive and supportive classroom.
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The ability to gauge my students' emotional well-being allows me to address their concerns promptly and provide the necessary support.
-- NatalieI am always on the lookout for tools that can enhance my efficiency, support my students' learning, and keep me organised throughout the day. The Digi-Tool Dashboard is it!
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With everything from a Word Builder to a MAB tool - it has all the interactive tools to support my lessons and engage my students.