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Created by two primary school teachers who understand the invaluable, long-lasting, world-changing, power of education, Top Teacher is your go-to library of learning resources and games created to strengthen, grow, and expand the minds of our precious learners.

We understand that it’s the little details that make the masterpiece. That’s why we fuss over every little element of every resource, teaching tool, and game, until it’s just right. We dive into the nitty gritty of every resource. Right down to the perfect font, the spacing of the borders, and the right colour schemes. Why do we invest so much of ourselves on the seemingly small details? Because we know, deep in our hearts, that when teachers are armed with worth-their-weight-in-gold resources, they are equipped to give the education experience that fuels a fantastic, capable, positive future.

All Top Teacher resources, tools, and games are planned, designed and created right here in beautiful Australia.

Treat the special teacher in your life to our treasure trove of teaching resources, tools, and games. Oh, and did we mention? Our library is updated daily! Head over to our Gift Voucher page to pick up a Classic or Ultimate 1-year subscription for your teaching superstar. Here’s what some lucky Top Teachers have said about our gift vouchers:

Absolutely! We know that even the most dazzling resource isn’t a whole lot of help if it doesn’t fit into the teaching curriculum. To make it easy for you, every resource has the relevant curriculum code listed in its description.


Our resources? Are a product of our love for the education community. Every single teaching tool has been checked over umpteen times and tweaked until it’s just right. When it comes to Top Teacher resources? We’re not going to lie. We are total perfectionists. We pour our hearts into every single resource that is brewed up at the TT HQ. Why? Because we only want to deliver teaching tools to light up the minds of our little ones. To encourage them to be curious. To expand their perception. And to empower them to invest their energy in education.

We LOVE hearing your suggestions for our next classroom-brightening, handy-dandy teaching resource, you superstar teacher!

Thought of the perfect addition to your teacher toolbox? Scribble us a note via:

Instagram: @topteacher
Our Facebook Group: Top Teacher Team (exclusively for Ultimate subscribers)

If your resource isn’t printing correctly, check that:
The PDF reader you have downloaded is the most up-to-date version available (we recommend Adobe Reader).
Sometimes your resource won’t print if all the pages in your PDF haven’t downloaded properly. Triple-check that all pages are showing up correctly or try re-downloading.

Still not working? Slide us an email at or fill out the form on our Contact page and we’ll get you sorted out quicker than your only working pen somehow disappears into thin air.

We know it can be tempting to share the Top Teacher magic with your friends and family, but we do ask that you treat your Top Teacher subscription for personal use only. For more information on this, read up on our Terms and Conditions.


Uh-oh! If your email address is already in use, it’s likely because you’ve set up an account with us already. Head over to the sign in page and hit ‘Forgot Password?’ From there, you’ll be able to reset your password. Still having trouble? Shoot us an email at or fill out the form on our Contact page and we’ll get you sorted out quicker than staff room birthday cake miraculously disappears.

Registered with an email address you no longer use? Log in to your account and visit the My Profile page. Click ‘Edit Member Profile’ and follow the steps

How do I change my password?
If you’re already logged in to your account:
  • Hop over to the Account Settings tab
  • Click ‘Edit Account Settings’.
  • Then follow the steps to change your password. It’s e-e-easy

Us teachers have a lot going on in our minds. Between marking homework, lesson planning, and keeping tiny fingers out of noses? It’s a lot. If you’ve forgotten your account password, just hit ‘Forgot Password?’ at the login portal and we’ll get you back inside in a jiffy.


First off, can we just say how excited we are that you want to fill up your teacher toolbox with more of our handy teacher tools?! (We’re doing a happy dance right now. For real.) To upgrade your subscription, head to this page. We can’t wait to see all the classroom magic you’re going to create with our Top Teacher Ultimate! Woo-hoo!

There’s a couple of reasons this might be happening:

  1. You may have created both a free account and a paid one. Please try logging in again using a different email address. A handy hint: To find which email address you used to create your paid account, try searching ‘Top Teacher’ in your inbox. We would have sent you an account confirmation email when you signed up.
  2. You may currently have a Top Teacher account that does not include the resource you want to download. We have several packages for different user needs. For more information on the ins and outs of our subscription types or to upgrade your account, click here.
You sure can! As soon as you subscribe or upgrade, you’ll have immediate access your level of resources in the wonderful world of Top Teacher.

This answer depends on which account you are upgrading from and to.  From a Free account to any paid subscription, your plan date will start as soon as the transaction is complete and last through the term of the plan (Monthly is 30 days while Ultimate and All-Access are 365 days).  If you are upgrading from Monthly to Ultimate or All-Access, your plan date will reset and start as soon as the transaction is complete, and last 365 days.  If you are upgrading from Ultimate to All-Access, your flat-rate upgrade fee will be good for the remainder of your original subscription term, then will be renewed at All-Access pricing for the next 365 day period.


Owing to the nature of downloadable e-resources, we don’t offer refunds. But, if for any reason our teaching tools aren’t making you dance around your kitchen in a bright burst of education-empowered joy, we want to hear about it. Top Teacher was created for you. So if you have any feedback on what we can do to make your experience even better, send us an email at We’d love to hear from you.


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