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Fun with Phonics!

I’ve always felt lucky as an Early Years teacher. We get to be part of such mind-blowing growth in that first school year! Students generally come to us with limited alphabetic knowledge and leave only 10 months later able to read. What a journey – and we get to be part of it! 💛


As we know, learning to read is like cracking a code. It takes an incredible amount of time and practice for students to be able to learn the connection between letters and the sounds they represent. It’s of no surprise, though, that time is not a teacher’s friend! Fitting it all in is hard enough.


Not to worry, that is what we are here for 🥰 We have created a complete set of A-Z phonics resources, ready for you to use in the classroom.



Interactive PowerPoints


Have you seen our new ‘Interactive Phonics Powerpoints‘ yet? The PowerPoints are great to use as a part of your class mat session or in small groups and can be followed up with a range of follow-up games and activities.



The PowerPoints feature:


💛 Animated letter formation


💛 Identifying images that start with the focus sound


💛 Phoneme substitution activities


💛 Reading and writing words and sentences using letters previously taught



Click the video link below to see it in action!



Supporting Resources


We all know that students need lots of repetition and follow up when learning a new skill, especially one as complex as phonics and learning to read. These games and activities are ready to print and play and are a great follow-up to the Powerpoints.




Who doesn’t love a game of Bingo? As you progress through the phonics powerpoints with your class, you can use these bingo sets to reinforce and build on learned letters. Students will practice decoding simple words made from the phonemes covered in the PowerPoints. Use as a whole class in small groups. The mats come in colour and B&W and are in 3 levelled sets to match the letter sets covered in our Phonics resources.


Guess What?


Let the laughs begin as students play this hilarious phonics game. Students wear a headband with a picture attached and have to guess the sound their picture starts with by asking questions of their classmates. They can also be used in an oral language activity where students know what their image is and give clues to their classmates to guess. These are also available in 3 levelled sets to match our other phonics resources.


Reading Mats


Another fun hands on way to reinforce learned phonics is with our new Reading Mats. Students will practise reading CVC/CVCC/CCVC by blending known phonemes together. They are available in Space, Garden and Pond themes, and are separated into sets 1, 2 & 3 to match our other phonics resources. Each set has at least 100 reading mats – that’s 300 in total for all 3 sets!



Blend It


Our Blend It board games are the perfect small group activity for phonics practice and are another great addition to our fun Phonics resources. In this game, students roll a dice and move through the game board, decoding words as they go. Each letter set has a selection of game boards available.


Printable Workbooks

Looking for some individual follow-up work with our Phonics resources? Each letter has a series of worksheets for students, ranging from letter formation, decoding words and sentences, identifying pictures with the beginning sound, and loads more. Choose the pages to suit your state font and your individual classroom needs.




We hope these Phonics resources will be useful in your classroom!

Are there any other additions to our phonics resources you would like to see?

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