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Introducing our Physical Sciences Unit Plans!

Struggling to plan your Science units for Semester 2? We’ve got you covered 😎


Following on from the huge success of our Biological Sciences unit plans, we’re stoked to be able to introduce you to our brand new Physical Sciences Unit Plans dropped on the webby this week! Covering every year from Foundation to Year 6, these comprehensive plans contain everything you need to plan, teach and assess an exciting and hands-on unit of Physical Science. Aligned with the V9 Australian Curriculum, you’ll love how clear and simple each plan is to follow and execute, making your term planning an absolute breeze 🥳


Read on to learn more about each year level’s units, what’s included in your download and our best practice tips to get the most out of these resources!




💛 Unit Guide: These detailed documents feature everything you need to plan and execute each lesson. Features include in-depth scope and sequence documents, a unit overview, individual lesson plans with required resources, suggested additional resource lists, links to relevant videos and websites, tiered vocabulary lists, and more.

This document also contains all the printables you’ll need for your units, sorted by lesson. Featuring worksheets, assessments, rubrics, posters and more, this is your one stop shop each week to easily grab everything you need to make your Science lesson come to life! 💫


💛 Displays: Each year level’s unit plan comes with a handy set of displays you can use throughout your teaching and learning, including a three-page banner, posters and word wall cards matching the tiered vocabulary lists. We’ve even included blank word wall cards for you to add your own vocabulary as it’s discovered and discussed throughout the unit!


💛 PowerPoint: Get visual with a handy PowerPoint included alongside each unit plan! These presentations include WALT and WILF statements for each lesson, useful information, diagrams, demonstrations and more.

Not sure where to navigate to? Your Unit Guide features a slide guide on each lesson plan so you can quickly skip to the relevant slides as needed!






💛 Foundation 💛


On The Move

Exploring how objects move and how factors including their size, shape or material influence their movement (AC9SFU02)


Five lessons including two experiments and one assessment.



💛 Year One 💛


Push & Pull Forces

Describing pushes and pulls in terms of strength and direction, and predicting the effects of those forces on objects’ motion and shape (AC9S1U03)


Eight lessons including one investigation and two assessments.



💛 Year Two 💛


Investigating Sound

Exploring different actions to make sounds and the ways of making a variety of sounds, as we all as recognising that sound energy causes objects to vibrate (AC9S2U02)


Eight lessons including two investigative assessments.



💛 Year Three 💛


Heating Up

Identifying sources of heat energy and examining how temperature changes when heat energy is transferred from one object to another (AC9S3U03)


Eight lessons including two investigative assessments.



💛 Year Four 💛


Super Forces: Friction, Gravity & Magnetism

Identifying how forces can be exerted by one object on another and investigating the effects of those forces on the motion of objects (AC9S4U03)


Eight lessons including four investigations and two assessments.



💛 Year Five 💛


It’s Time to Bring the…Light!

Identifying sources of lights, recognising that light travels in a straight path and describing how shadows are formed and light can be reflected and refracted (AC9S5U03)


Eight lessons including three investigations and two assessments.



💛 Year Six 💛


Electrical Energy: Transfer & Transformation

Investigating the transfer and transformation of energy in electrical circuits, including the roles of circuit components, insulators and conductors (AC9S6U03)


Eight lessons including two investigations and three assessments.





💛 Make It Fit: Each lesson comes with a recommended length (usually between 45 and 90 minutes). Need to change it up? No worries! Our lessons are super flexible, so you can often add or remove pieces as necessary. You can shorten lessons by removing activities, limiting discussion time, streamlining research by supplying sources, or pre-preparing elements of an investigation. Alternatively, lengthen your lessons by allowing more working time, extending investigative tasks, encouraging whole-class discussion during the PowerPoint presentation or exploring vocabulary words in more detail. The options are endless!


💛 Alter Your Rubrics: Our assessments come with a pre-made rubric aligned to the achievement standard of each year level, but they also include a blank rubric option which you can use to alter assessment criteria. Perfect for extension students or those on alternative programs!


💛 Check the Alternatives: We totally understand that it can sometimes be incredibly challenging to find classroom supplies, especially for some of the more niche Science topics. That’s why many of our investigations and assessments feature alternative options if you’re unable to obtain the supplies necessary to complete an experiments.


💛 Change Up Your Prints: All our unit documents are sized for an A4 page, but that doesn’t mean you need to print them that way! Enlarge worksheets to A3 for support students or small group scenarios, enlarge posters to create whole-class anchor charts, or enlarge task cards to make them easier to find and read. Conversely, you can also print resources like posters two-to-a-page to create handy A5 individual notes. Students can glue these into their workbooks, or you could collate them together on a ring and hang them on a wall as part of a display for a quick-grab reference!



We can’t wait to see the magic you create with our Physical Sciences unit plans! Don’t forget to show us what you’re up to by tagging us @topteacher in your posts 💛

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