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Meet The Artist Behind Aussie Animalia: Kasey Rainbow

So, we TOTALLY get just how much our new Aussie Animalia Decor Pack makes your smile and believe us – we can’t stop smiling about this awesome collab either! Not only because these guys are just SO. DAMN. CUTE! 🥰



But also because you just can’t help but beam from ear to ear when you have anything to do with Kasey Rainbow! 🌈Just one peek at her Insta feed will have you on a high all day! She really is one super impressive ‘Sparkly Human’ and we wanted to take this opportunity for you to get to know her a little bit better.


First things first: Yup – Rainbow is her real surname. And as it suggests, she is a lady of many colours.


Kasey Rainbow is a star of the Australian art and design world who is the epitome of her own Live Bright ethos. Based in Brisbane’s Bayside, Kasey brings her passion for colour to creating a unique style that oozes personality and radiates happiness.


She spends her days drawing, painting and designing – basically living the dream of her 5 year old self, being a full time artist! Kasey has always been a creative at heart, but after purchasing an iPad back in 2017, she discovered a new love of digital art and design. After months of playing and hours of YouTube tutorials, Kasey dove headfirst into the wonderful world of fabric and textile design. She may be a relatively new name in this space and completely self-taught, but she is quickly becoming a well known artist in the design world.


And when she’s not drawing or designing?


I’m making the most of each day with family and friends, eating one too many tacos and raising my margarita to a colourful life! Cheers!

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