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Meet The Artist: Good Vibes

If you want to be totally inspired and uplifted on a daily basis – you absolutely must go and follow Laura Jane Illustrations on Instagram…. Pinterest…. Youtube…. EVERYWHERE!

This heart-warming and UBER talented face behind the style and quotes of our newest Decor pack – GOOD VIBES – is exactly what we all need in our super busy world!

Laura is the illustrator, writer, educator and creative mind behind the popular instagram page @laurajaneillustrations, where she uses her personal experiences and unique style to create content with purpose – content to make you feel GOOD about yourself.



Frustrated with the state of the social media space back in 2018, Laura rebranded her lifestyle and beauty blog to create @Laurajaneillustrations and @hellohappee – with a goal to create real, inspiring, honest and raw content.

With a background in education and over seven years of teaching experience, Laura is passionate about using her social platform to spread awareness for emotional and mental wellbeing and to change how we talk about these topics to each other and with young people.


Having worked on creative campaigns during Mental Health Awareness Month and with Mental Health charities such as the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), Laura’s social profiles have become a safe space where her audience feel confident and comfortable diving into meaningful mental health conversations and sharing personal experiences.


Laura is also passionate about promoting creative JOY, aiming to share a dash of her personality in all her illustrations and creative content and reminding us to believe in our own magic and follow even our biggest of dreams. She creates all her work from her colourful home studio in North Italy, where she also runs her online shop, writes, paints, records YouTube videos and dabbles in photography.

We love everything about Laura Jane Illustrations and knew her style would be perfect for our ‘GOOD VIBES’ decor pack. We hope it brings as much joy and positivity to your classroom as it has to us 💛

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