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Meet the New Top Teacher!

We are so excited to introduce you to the brand-new Top Teacher webby! Featuring everything you know and love about TT plus a whole lot more, this new website will be your one-stop launchpad for your teaching day 💛


Read on to discover some of the incredible features we’ve introduced, including brand-new content, new ways to teach and learn, and remarkable quality-of-life improvements to make it easier than ever to use Top Teacher to plan your day!



Our new website is packed full of easy-to-use improvements to make daily use so much simpler. We wanted to create a hub where you could easily access and download all the content you need to plan your week, and that’s exactly what we’ve done!


We’ve updated our search and filter functionality to make finding the resources you need even more straightforward. You can now filter your searches by year level, learning area, topic, resource type and even directly by V9.0 Australian Curriculum code. Never miss the perfect resource again!


In our Resource Library, you’ll find each resource now has an icon bar directly above its name. This bar will show you our recommended year levels for the resource, as well as some handy buttons you can use to download, favourite and schedule resources with the click of a button 💛



You can access your favourites and calendar anytime by clicking the ‘My Account’ button in the top-right corner of the webpage.




In My Favourites, see everything you’ve ever favourited, and download or schedule them with one click. To remove a resource from your favourites, click on the heart to turn it grey and refresh your page.


In My Calendar, view your monthly calendar to view all your upcoming dated resources. You’ll get an email from us one week before a resource’s scheduled date to remind you to prepare your download. How easy is that?


In My Downloads, see every resource you’ve ever downloaded from TT. Use the links provided if you need to re-download a resource.


In Profile and Security, you can change your display name, contact email address and password.


In Orders and Invoices, you can view and print receipts for your subscriptions. Perfect for school reimbursement or tax time!


Finally, use Payment and Subscription to track your membership level, check your billing address, add payment methods and track your auto-renew date.


(Wait, did you say auto-renew?!)



That’s right, we’ve added a brand-new auto-renew feature! What does that mean for you? Well, it means that the low price you’re paying right now is locked in for the entire lifetime of your active subscription! Say goodbye to price rises forever 💛


Check out our Pricing page for more details on what you receive with your subscription. Or are you a school administrator wanting to arrange subscriptions for your entire staff? No worries! We now have School Pricing Plans to make it easy to wrap everyone’s subscriptions into one neat package.


Is a resource missing from our website that you’re dying to see? Click here to suggest a resource to our creation team! You’ll also find the Suggest a Resource link at the website’s footer or directly on your My Accounts page.


We are so excited for you to start enjoying everything our new website offers! What’s your new favourite feature? Let us know!




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