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A set of boggle cards with answer keys available in both an easy and hard level.

The easy set has a has a 9 letter board with a 5 or 6 letter word as the answer. The hard set has a 16 letter board and a 9 or 10 letter word for the answer.

The boggle board has a number in the corner and the same number is also shown on the answer key for quick and easy reference.

To make cut around the border for both the board and the answer key. Glue these onto a piece of A4 coloured card leaving a coloured border around each piece. Cut in in between the 2 pieces and laminate.

To help younger children or if the answer word is too hard you may like to give you student a clue to help them.

Learning Area
Spelling, Writing Activities
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELA1458, ACELA1778, ACELA1471, ACELA1826, ACELA1485, ACELA1817, ACELA1821, ACELA1438
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Activities & Games
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