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Build It, Check It, Change It

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Build the word.

Check the word.

Change the word.

A low-prep, digital and hands-on resource which allows students to work on their blending and segmenting skills.

Students view a CVC picture and then build it by writing the correct graphemes in either the green, orange or pink circles. Students can then check they have placed the correct grapheme in the correct spot by examining their answer against the digital slide.

Students are then shown a new CVC picture and they need to change either the initial, medial or final grapheme to make the new word. The coloured circles make it easy to identify which grapheme they need to change.

You might like to set up individual recording cards for students or create a large set of recording circles to display on the board for use in this activity.



Learning Area
Word Work, Reading Activities, Spelling
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELA1820, ACELA1458, ACELA1825
Resource type
Activities & Games, Digital Resources
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