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Happy Hopscotch Segmenting

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Phonics work and fine motor fun in one! This resource is a great way to practice segmenting the sounds you hear in words, in a fun hands on way. Students will look at a picture card, say the word, and then use their fingers to “hop” across a hopscotch board as they say the individual sounds.


The resource includes:

–          2 different gameboard styles (one using less colour ink)

–          36 word cards featuring 3 and 4 sound words.

–          Editable versions of both the gameboards and chalk cards to add your own words.

Learning Area
Blends and Digraphs, Reading Games, Spelling
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELA1439, ACELA1438, ACELA1817, ACELA1819, ACELA1820, ACELA1457, ACELA1457, ACELA1822
Resource type
Activities & Games
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