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Hey Cheeky Crocodile Phonics


Use this fun activity to get students moving and support them in learning to segment and blend words.


Print and laminate each sound card, and the optional rhyme poster and crocodile props. This would make a great group activity with students in a circle and a pretend ‘river’ set up (with blue fabric or blue paper) in the center.


The teacher or another student creates a stepping stone bridge across the rive with the sound stones. Students take turns to stand on one side of the ‘river’ and call out: “Hey Cheeky Crocodile, Can we cross the river?” – The teacher or student replies “Yes you can, I’ve made a track. Sound out the word and you can come back”. The student then sounds out the word as they hop across the stepping stone bridge.  When they jump off the last stone, they say the whole word they have sounded out.


This resource includes 48 sound cards, with a range of graphs and common digraphs.

Learning Area
Word Work, Reading Activities, Spelling
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELA1820, ACELA1458, ACELA1825
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Activities & Games
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