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Hunting for Hearts Board Game


This board game is a wonderful tool to consolidate students’ understanding of ‘heart words’ or sight words.

In small groups, students can practise their heart words by rolling the die and moving forward if they can read the word correctly. The first student to get to the finishing line wins.

The irregular letter-sound correspondences in each word are identified by red and a heart above them. Uncommon or unusual digraphs (two letters that make one sound) and trigraphs (three letters that make one sound) are underlined.

This resource is perfect for independent work during Guided Reading.

There are three board game versions available.  You can find a plain board as well as ones with special moves. This pack also includes heart words and an editable page for you to add your own words.

This game can be used with the:

  • Heart Words Flash Cards
  • Heart Words Word Work Activity
  • Heart Words Worksheets
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Phonics, Reading, Reading Activities, Sight Words
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ACELA1817, ACELA1459, ACELA1821, ACELA1823, ACELA1824, ACELA1825, ACELA1485, ACELA1486, ACELA1826
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Activities & Games
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