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Materials and their Purpose Student Workbook


This booklet explores a range of scientific concepts on Chemical Sciences including:

–          Exploring the local environment for materials and describing how they have been used

–          Investigating the effect of mixing materials together

–          Suggesting why everyday objects are made from different materials

–          Identifying materials that can be changed and remade/recycled to create new products

–          Investigating the ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples combine materials using different techniques


Print pages 1-11 as a booklet.

Pages 4-6 have different options to assist learning. Option 1(p4) is a blank template for an experiment on mixing materials. Option 2 (p5) includes the procedure for making playdough. Option 3 (p5) includes a procedure for making slime.

Pages 13 and 14 can be printed separately.

> Print a class set of page 13 for the activity on Recyclable Materials.

> Print a class set of page 14 for the activity Combining Materials.

These worksheets are available to download as individual activities. They are also designed to be used alongside the supporting PowerPoint file.

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Chemical Sciences
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