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Materials and their Purpose DIGITAL Lessons

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This PowerPoint features a series of digital lessons focusing on scientific concepts in Chemical Sciences and aims to build students’ knowledge on the following topics:

–          Exploring the local environment for materials and describing how they have been used

–          Investigating the effect of mixing materials together

–          Suggesting why everyday objects are made from different materials

–          Identifying materials that can be changed and remade/recycled to create new products

–          Investigating the ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples combine materials using different techniques

This resource has been designed to use alongside the ‘Materials and Their Purpose’ Student Booklet.


View this PowerPoint in it’s editable format so you are able to type responses into the text boxes, or move items around when asked.  Please refer to the notes within the PowerPoint for important teacher information (pages 11, 12, 13, 30, 31).

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Chemical Sciences
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Digital Resources
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