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Name Practise Booklet PDF Autofill EDITABLE

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Learning ones name plays a large role in self-identity and self-importance.  This resource will help your students learn to write their names.

Use this resource to create name practise booklets for your students. Simply enter your students’ names once on the first page of the autofill PDF and the remaining pages will fill with those names. The booklet has 10 pages and asks students to complete a number of tasks related to their name: tracing, rainbow writing, counting letters, locating letters etc.

Please note that due to the nature of creating autofill PDFs – and the licences associated with individual state fonts, we are unable to create this resource embedded with state fonts. The fonts in the book were chosen carefully to reflect the general formation commonalities of Australian state fonts.

18/01: Removed the page with the phonics pictures for each name letter due to issues with displaying font. 

23/01: Fixed error with page 14 and the ‘write all by myself’ page

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Handwriting, Writing Activities
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