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Quirky Questions Task Cards EDITABLE

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Bring your Maths lessons to life with this set of engaging open-ended task cards!

These task cards will encourage your students to apply their knowledge and understanding of important number and place-value concepts.

Open-ended questions provide students with the opportunity to show their depth of understanding, giving teachers valuable insight into each student’s individual understanding.

Your students will love the challenge of finding more than one answer to the question! We suggest providing students with access to concrete materials when completing these questions (e.g. hundreds chart, counters, tens frames, etc.).


Use these task cards in a variety of ways:

– Whole class – display a task card on interactive whiteboard for a number talk / mini lesson

– Small group work / rotations – use the task cards as an activity for Maths rotations

– Extending individual students – use as a ‘fast-finisher’ activity for those students that zoom through Maths tasks

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Place Value, Addition and Subtraction
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Activities & Games
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