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Seal Living Things Triorama


This activity fits perfectly with Year 3 Biological Science.

Create a fun display about the characteristics of living things including how they grow, move, sense and reproduce! There is also a blank template so that students can get creative and explore the characteristics of their own choice of living thing.

How to make the triorama:

1.     Colour in/decorate your triorama + cut outs (remember that the triangle piece that says ‘glue underneath’ will not be seen).

2.     Cut around the outside of the square.

3.     Fold it in half. Open then fold it in half again the other way (this will ensure that the creases are in the correct direction when assembling the triorama. Remember to crease well).

4.     Place glue on the triangular piece that says glue underneath. Then place the other triangle piece on top to glue together.

5.     Cut around the cut out. A tab has been added so that when it is glued down the picture pops up.

6.     Glue the back of all the triorama pieces together so that the characteristics of the living thing can be displayed together.

A paragraph of information can be added to each individual triorama piece. This can be glued underneath the front of the triorama when complete or glue the piece on top of the tab that says ‘glue underneath’ then complete step 4.

Templates for frogs, butterflies, turtles, penguins, seals and plants are also available on the website. 

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