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Sound Wall Sound Sticks Eucalyptus STATE FONTS

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When we saw the wonderful @kindy_with_keets create sound sticks with our Sound wall resource – we just loved her idea, and know you guys did too! We thought we would make it easier for those wanting to replicate this fantastic idea by creating a document with only the parts needed! Thanks Nikita! 💛

This resource contains the mouth articulation images from our Sound walls, that when printed back to back (flipping on the long edge) will have an image and word associated with that sound printed on the back. Attach to paddle pop sticks for a handy group time resource. 

Sound Wall’s are an alternative to the traditional Word Wall display used in classrooms. A Sound Wall is an interactive reading and writing display that supports students by focusing on the articulation of sounds/phonemes and the various letter/letter patterns that represent the sounds/phonemes in words.


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