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Phonics Treasure Words


Use this fun game to help your students’ build on their phonics skills using ‘pirate treasure’ coins.


In this game, students take 6 ‘pirate treasure’ coins to put into a pile on the treasure chest. Students then choose a card and place this on the treasure chest below the coins. Then:


1.      Say the word

2.      Count out the the sounds placing a coin on the sunken chests for each sound.

3.      Write the letters that represent each sound on the line’s underneath.  


Getting to move the coins and see how many pieces of ‘treasure’ are in the words really motivates students and they love the words that fill all the treasure chests!


Word cards included contain CVC, CCVC, CVCC words and words with digraphs and long vowel sounds.

Learning Area
CVC Words, CCVC/CVCC Words, Sound Patterns, Spelling
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELA1438, ACELA1459, ACELA1474, ACELA1826
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Activities & Games
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