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Number Check-In Flashcards (Yr1) EDITABLE

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Are you looking for a way to capture your students’ number strand knowledge in the lead up to reporting or parent-teacher interviews?

This resource is designed for this exact purpose. With over 70 flashcards, this resource is intended to be completed with students in a 1:1 assessment situation. Students respond to the flashcard prompts as the teacher makes notes. You might like to use our Number Check In Recording Sheet to display the students’ knowledge after completion.

Skills covered are:

  • Recognising numerals
  • Counting forwards and backwards 
  • Recognising number patterns 
  • Partitioning Numbers 
  • Place Value 
  • Counting on 
  • Counting back
  • Number Stories

You might also like to add additional slides based on your students’ needs using the editable flashcard set. 

Additional resources to print and use (such as ordering number cards) are also provided. 

Use alongside our other Year One Assessment Resources such as an ‘I Can statement’ Tracking Table and Number Strand Rubric

Learning Area
Addition and Subtraction, Maths, Number, Number Work, Patterns and Algebra, Place Value
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Assessment, Worksheets & Templates
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