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Number Check-In Recording (Yr1) EDITABLE

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Are you looking for a way to capture your students’ number strand knowledge in the lead up to reporting or parent-teacher interviews?

This resource contains a comprehensive recording template covering all items from the year one number strand within the Australian Curriculum.

Complete your own assessment tasks, or use them alongside our digital assessment or flashcard set and then record information in this handy one-pager. Numerous versions have been included with various levels of editability. 

The recording sheet includes the following items:

  • Reading and writing numerals
  • Counting forwards and backwards 
  • Recognising number patterns 
  • Partitioning Numbers 
  • Place Value 
  • Representing numbers
  • Counting on 
  • Counting back
  • Addition and Subtraction

Please refer to the yellow text boxes to the left of each slide within the editable Powerpoint file for more information about the editability of each version. 

Learning Area
Addition and Subtraction, Maths, Number, Number Work, Patterns and Algebra, Place Value
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Assessment, Worksheets & Templates
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