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Top Tips to Survive Reporting Season

There is no denying that the process of compiling and writing report comments is time-consuming and overwhelming for most of us 🤯 Our days seem controlled by grading, assessment, and data, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as we try to fit everything in.

What is your reporting style? Early and out of the way? Are you already dreaming of a mid-year break? Or are you like me and leaving it all until the last few weeks? Whatever your style, we’ve got some top tips and some time-saving resources to get you through!



Be kind to yourself. Teaching is tough enough as it is without the extra stress of reporting season.


Make time for yourself, take your own brain breaks, practice self-care.


Check out our blog on teacher wellness for some great ideas on how you can do this.




Start early. I know this seems obvious – but it’s ’oh so easy’ to let procrastination take over rather than tackle report card comments. Some comments have to wait until assessments are done, but others can slowly be ticked off. Start small. One a day? And I would certainly recommend starting with the trickiest to write first.


Make sure you understand your school’s expectations for report comments. They can vary greatly between states, regions, and individual schools. Some schools only write general comments, some write these AND subject-specific comments. Some schools have strict parameters around the language used. Some are more flexible. I remember hearing a story of a new teacher who had written subject-specific comments for all students – only to find out that her school only required a general comment.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Don’t reinvent the wheel… use a comment bank!


How do you make sure you highlight a child’s individual achievements, personality, and challenges in language parents actually understand? Our Report Comment Resource is chock-a-block full of relevant, insightful comments to help you write reports without breaking a sweat. It’s a total game-changer (if we do say so ourselves).


For a full video run through of this incredible resource,  check out our Instagram!


We know it’s a super tough time, and hard to stay motivated – but with these tips, the support of some amazing colleagues, and our teacher resources


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